Classic Chocolate Cake:

A moist chocolatey buttermilk cake iced with chocolate or vanilla buttercream frosting.

(7" round: $32.00, 9" round: $42.00)

Yellow Daisy Cake:

A buttery vanilla bean cake iced with chocolate or

vanilla buttercream frosting a classic.

(7" round: $32.00, 9" round: $42.00)

Red Velvet Cake:

Our most popular cake! A rich cocoa-flavored cake

in a beautiful shade of red. Frosted with yummy cream cheese icing.

(7" round: $32.00, 9" round: $42.00)

Blackout Cake:

Moist devil's food cake filled with rich chocolate pudding and iced with chocolate buttercream.

(9" round: $45.00)

Carrot Cake:

Moist & spicy cinnamon cake filled with plump raisins

and toasted pecans. Iced with yummy cream cheese frosting.

(7" round: $32.00, 9" round: $42.00)

German Chocolate Cake:

Light & sweet with a coconut pecan filling.

(7" round: $32.00, 9" round: $42.00)

Coconut Cake:

3 layers filled & iced with coconut cream cheese frosting.

(7" round: $32.00, 9" round: $42.00)

Lemon Cake:

Light and layered with a tart lemon filling and iced with lemon

buttercream frosting.

(7" round: $32.00, 9" round: $42.00)

Checkerboard Cake:

A moist black & white layer cake that will surprise everyone.

(9" round: $48.00)


Sour Cream Coffee Cake:

A favorite! Loaded with chocolate chips and laced with cinnamon.


Grandma's Apple Cake:

Cinnamony chunks of apple nestled in a moist and flavorful cake that will remind you of visits to Grandma's house.


Pound Cake:

A rich & buttery classic. Try it with strawberries & whipped cream.


Key Lime Pie:

Tart and tangy filling in a buttery homemade graham cracker crust.


Brownie Tart:

Moist, fudgy and filled with walnuts. Serve warm or cold.



Classic New York style. Plain or black and white.


Flourless Chocolate Cake:

Dense, fudgy and gluten-free.


Chocolate Peanutbutter Pie:

Creamy peanutbutter filling in an oreo crust. The perfect combination.


Ask about our special order red velvet, chocolate & vanilla cupcakes, blondies and brownies.

Seven-inch round cake serves 6-8 people. Nine-inch round cake serves 10-12 people.

Cakes are available in a variety of sizes. Please call for details.